Gio Ponti - Official Store

Welcome to the official store of Gio Ponti, where you will find all the certified products born from the mind of the great Italian architect and designer, now distributed by various world-renowned furniture brands.

Gio Ponti was accustomed to drawing and designing tirelessly, even late into the night, on trains and even on airplanes. It was rare to see him without paper and pencil. He dedicated himself to architecture and painting as much as to design and furniture.

The furniture, lamps, and other products by Gio Ponti, despite in some cases reaching nearly a century of age, are still considered timeless and represent true iconic pieces of modern design today. Their elegance, functionality, and simplicity are proof of Gio Ponti's talent in creating timeless design objects. From furniture to lamps, ceramics to textiles, all products offered by the Official Store are carefully selected, certified, and guaranteed to be original, and to meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability, in line with Gio Ponti's legacy.

Our goal is to promote and spread this legacy worldwide, offering our customers a safe and convenient shopping experience, guided by a team of experts always available to help choose the perfect products for every space and to assist with any questions or issues.