Cutlery "Conca" hollow handle Orfevre Inox

Cutlery set, design Gio Ponti.
"Knife and short blade with an oblique profile, fork with short teeth and a little concave."

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  • Year 1955
  • Dinner Set 72 piece 12 cucchiai tavola 12 forchette tavola 12 coltelli tavola 12 forchette frutta 12 coltelli frutta 12 cucchiaini the
  • Dinner Set 24 piece 6 cucchiai tavola, 6 forchette tavola, 6 coltelli tavola, 6 cucchiaini the.
  • Dinner Set 24 piece Fish 12 forchette pesce, 12 coltelli pesce.
  • Dinner Set 13 piece Sweet 12 forchette dessert, 1 pala torta.

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“Delivery time: INOX 30 GG , SILVER 60 GG,  GOLD 90 GG.

The new way of thinking about these tools, cutlery, in its perfect form , is this: short-bladed knife with oblique line, fork short teeth and a little concave.  In 1951, during a presentation at the IX Triennale Milan, Gio Ponti described his plans. The rationalism that has marked every project is also present in the design of cutlery, for which the architect / designer has analyzed, synthesized and exasperated the formal characteristics of the object. In the new laid Conca , Sambonet has transferred the principles of the theory of Gio Ponti, the features and habits of determining the shape of the objects of everyday life . Through careful anthropological study, the designer had in fact developed a design right for each piece of the collection. The knife has a short blade so as "to cut we use only the tip of the blade, angled on the plate", the fork has small prongs and a large concavity because, according to Bridges, " to pick up the morsel we use only the tip of the teeth, and in the concavity of the fork will collect the juice." After sixty years Sambonet has given new life to the project by Gio Ponti bringing to the table a collection of cutlery which, through an unusual asymmetry, only expresses what the contemporary works of art can communicate unchanged over time.

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