Giò Ponti: gli anni di stile 1941-1947

ISBN: 9788886116848

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Data sheet

  • Author Martignoni Massimo
  • Issue 2002
  • Format 17x23
  • Edited By Triunveri E
  • Binding brossura
  • Editor Abitare Segesta

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the book, just published by Abitare-Segesta in a new series called "Primer", retraces through a rich documentary and iconographic history of the magazine "Style." Founded and directed by Gio Ponti in the forties during its detachment from "Domus", "Style" is testimony to the inexhaustible creativity and cultural engagement by the Milanese master in the dramatic period of the war and the first reconstruction. From the pages of "Style" Gio Ponti began producing his new design vision - marked by formal experimentation and lightness - which will place it after the war between the international protagonists of modern architecture and design. Created and directed by Ponti in the years of separation from Domus magazine was characterized Style for beautiful covers, pagination, the great profile collaborators, the writings, the reflections on the future and the past and modern architecture accompanied the path of artists and writers in the difficult moments of the war and reconstruction.

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