Gio Ponti, style of

A new book published by Mondadori, edited by Cecilia Rostagni the extraordinary Milanese architect Gio Ponti.

ISBN: 9788891807458

€ 46.00

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Data sheet

  • Year giugno 2016
  • Author Cecilia Rostagni
  • Format 22 x 28
  • Binding Brossura con alette
  • Language Italiano
  • Pages 208
  • Editor Mondadori Electa
  • Collection Architetti e Architetture

More info

"Under the aegis of a highly challenging word 'Style', you get an indication of works of architecture and furniture, and also drawings, and paintings and sculpture". So wrote Gio Ponti, in January 1941, in the first issue of "Style" magazine "of ideas, of life, of the future, and especially art" which he created and directed for Garzanti editions, after leaving the 'Editoriale Domus. "The style and furnishings in the house" as stated initially, the full title of the magazine - is published on a monthly basis throughout the duration of the war, and continued until 1947, when, after over seventy numbers, Bridges resumes negotiations with Gianni Mazzocchi to return to the direction of "Domus". In these six years, "Style", is the magazine of Bridges, his "baby": he is its creator and director, but also the editor and pager; He draws numerous covers, "to say artfully his thoughts" and signed with his name or with one of his many pseudonyms (Archias, Artifex, Mitus, Serangelo, Tipus, etc.), over four hundred articles, including editorials, notes and italics.

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