Giò Ponti-english edition-
  • Giò Ponti-english edition-

gio ponti

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The first major task of Gio Ponti, from 1923 to 1930, he was the artistic director of the Richard-Ginori Manufactory, successful collaboration which will originate the renewal of the entire production. The famous "Big pieces" of the Richard-Ginori born in the sign of quality in the series. So the "furniture of exception" that Ponti designed in recent years are parallel to its line furniture, furniture that he designed for "Domus Nova", by stimulating a department store to produce: La Rinascente (1927). Industry, number, distribution, advertising, exhibitions, magazines: Bridges contact between their art industries (Christofle and Venini), associate architects and manufacturers, designers and presents projects in exhibitions that directs and then publish them in the magazine "Domus ", which he founded in 1928. he was born almost for fun, as a" Milanese improvisation "and Bridges will fight, writing, its real battles," almost won, against the old fake "and" to win, against the modern ugly ". The book presents the greatest masterpieces of this Master of design icons still in production as the chair "Superleggera" produced by the Italian company Cassina.

ISBN 9788861161429

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