3 Drawings of Cassettone - Prints

Print of different format of the most touching pictures about the Gio Ponti’s life and work. 

The series includes the printing of 3 images / designs in any format.
Print on different sizes of the original drawings of CHEST today produced by Molteni D.655.1 D.655.2

*Frames not included

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CONSTRUCTION TIME: 2/3 working days, excluding the press BOARD POSTER which requires 6 days.
DELIVERY CHARGES: 9 euro throughout Italy.
By making multiple purchases in this category you pay a one-time shipment.

Prints on matte canvas mounted on a wooden frame thickness 1,7 cm
In the photo print framed the image is printed on canvas Matt gr 350. The size of the frame correspond to the measures of the finished product. The Standard requires that the printed image processing goes to cover the outer sides of the frame, giving a distinctive modern look; This results in the loss of about 1.5 cm on each side of photography, (eg framed 40x40: image size 43 x 43 cm - frame size over 40 x 40 cm).
FineArt prints of Handmade Paper High White
Precious art paper 200 gr. evoking the allure of the paper made by hand back in 1200 by the master papermakers of Fabriano. art paper with archival properties handmade from 100% in treated cotton fibers for inkjet technology with limited use of optical brighteners to increase its brilliance. looking elegant and refined paper, from the ancient taste, from pure white color, thanks to the material surface reminiscent of the classic watercolor cards by playing a very wide color gamut and extremely fine detail. It is distinguished by deliberately irregular and jagged edges to create a feeling of unique copy. The neutral pH ensures the lasting stability.

Prints Cardboard Poster Board
Prints of enlarged photographs of high quality. Realized with inkjet plotters of hardcover rigid support with professional matte finish Extra: Anti-glare, matte, with bright white. color calibration profile for perfect color rendering. The photos are printed using water-based pigment inks; This ensures suitability for safe use in all environments in full compliance with health and color durability even with intense light exposure. The support consists of substrate Matte Extra pre-mounted on heavy rigid cardboard, the surface offers bright white, is non-reflective matte and is treated to increase the receptivity and the brightness of the ink. This media is ideal for POP applications (presentation-oriented publishing), photographic, artistic and exhibition graphics, which require excellent color intensity and rigidity. They are used printers EPSON Photo Plotter to 7 colors. The EPSON Photo technology allows very high levels of detail and precision in the 'photographic image engraving. The printing system is constantly monitored to ensure a good result and the most accurate and consistent color rendering.
Puzzle printing Hardcover with sublimation technology
Puzzle A4 format print size 20x28,5 cm in thick cardboard, 192 pieces printed on the entire surface. Made with sublimation inks. Puzzle A3 format print size 28x40 cm in thick cardboard, 384 pieces printed on the entire surface. Made with sublimation inks.


*Frames not included

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