Gio Ponti. Il fascino delle ceramiche

ISBN: 9788836620647

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  • Author Dario Matteoni
  • Editor Silvana

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Gio Ponti (Milan, 1891-1979), as well as being one of the most important figures of Italian architecture of the twentieth century, has distinguished himself as a designer in the ceramic production, signing refined series that not everyone knows. This volume aims to document, in particular, the ceramic creations designed for the Richard-Ginori between 1923 and 1930, after taking over the artistic direction of manufacture. Author draws inspiration for repertoires and forms, from classical antiquity, not to mention ideas that derive from contemporary experiences riconducili to metaphysics, to the twentieth century and Futurism, interpreted with a touch of irony: the polished ceramic surfaces , suspended on classical architecture, parade shapely women wrapped by puffs of clouds, running animals, clowns and pierrot, on ships that sail on rough seas. In the proposal the series here, the pieces of great refinement such as cyst archaeological inspiration, alongside everyday objects, placing on the market new models, marked by high artistic quality. In the book they are also documented preparatory drawings, that detect the attention given to the classical architecture, drawn from a large repertoire of Palladian inspiration, not detached from contemporary experiences that Gio Ponti was leading in this field professionale.Un opportunity therefore to bring all attention of readers a little known aspect of one of the protagonists of architecture of the twentieth century.

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