Amate l'architettura

A classic architecture proposed in a new edition, as faithful as possible to the original one of 1957, designed by the architect Gio Ponti as a "small pocket architecture". L ?? architecture is a crystal.

ISBN: 9788817027755

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  • Author Gio Ponti
  • Issue 2008
  • Editor Rizzoli

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A classic of architecture proposed in a new edition faithful to the original one of 1957, designed by the same Gio Ponti as a small architecture from pocket. Gio Ponti, James Plaut says in the preface to the large volume Air  Italian dedicated to him, is among the other excellent architects who now has the Italian, mature and young, a complex figure for the activities - very extensive and passionate - that characterizes it. In his Milan studio in Via Dezza, in collaboration with Fornaroli and Rosselli, it is designed and works to Milan to Padua, to the center of Voghera, to Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, to Baghdad, to Stockholm, Caracas, is designs with Fornaroli and Rosselli, Valtolina and Dell Orto the Pirelli skyscraper, with Portaluppi the SAR building, working with an extension that goes from the villas, houses, clinics, the office buildings, hotels, the schools, power plants, all  furnishing of ships (Andrea Doria), the Carmel of San Remo, the churches, the coordination of satellite towns, to advice for Paris to Lourdes, we organize all foreign exhibitions, it develops an international activity for the industrial design, etc. Domus has created and brought her to the current efficiency; He led a powerful contribution to the Triennial of Milan and - with works and writings - to the development of the design for industry in Italy; he was awarded the National Prize for what the Compasso gold. Its activities also extended to the production design for the Scala, to painting large frescoes in Padua; He wrote books Someone who s persists in referring everything to the past defines usual - for the singular extension of his work in various fields - an ancient Italian - Why not a modern Italian - Responds Bridges - indeed simply a Italian Bridges is proud to belong to that number of Italians who are giving glory to Italy d Today, the arts, architecture and every other field. When asked if it does not interest him the splendor of the past he answers yes, but also - and more - the splendor of the future, only one for which we operate, because it equals the splendor of the past in which we can not do anything about it. If he brought his contribution to modern Italian architecture he attributes to who goes the great merit, and not her, that first movement modern architecture in Italy that determined the decisive developments. In Domus he has helped and helps to recognize all the new figures of architects and artists; in its buildings he has operated in constant collaboration with artists whom he loves, to begin with, to say the most famous, as Campigli.

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