Gio Ponti

ISBN-13: 9788861160873 

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  • Author Irace Fulvio
  • Format 20x26
  • Pages 120
  • Editor Motta Federico

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Gio Ponti died in Milan September 16, 1979 in a house he had built in 1957 as a public-portrait. He was 88 years despite his views had now reduced to a blurred vision, he never stopped working. His professional angiography crosses almost entirely throughout the twentieth century with an uninterrupted vitality: after the early neoclassical and art director Richard Ginori evidence for pottery production, will start a project phase characterized by large projects such as the first palace Montecatini (1935-1938) in Milan, the mathematical Institute of the City University of Rome (1933-1935), the building of the Faculty of Letters of Padua, the Liviano, (1934-1938), the urban plan for Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia (1936), the seat EIAR, RAI today, Milan (1939). Unlike many other protagonists of the Italian scene between the wars, the years of the recovery will offer extraordinary opportunities Bridges to reformulate its architecture, bringing to maturity those concepts of lightness, transparency and subtlety that are now among the reasons for his fame .

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